Noah's Ark Interactive Puzzle (X21018)

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Noah's Ark, is at first a beautiful 126 pc puzzle, after you assemble the Puzzle just aim your smart phone or tablet at the finished puzzle. You will be amazed - it comes alive - it talks - it sings and you get much more than a Puzzle - you get to learn the story of the Flood and Noah!

With Augmented Reality - you will experience the Bible as never before. You will be immersed into a holographic 3D world, witnessing the story and sounds of the big flood during the Biblical Time of Noah. Now you can watch the entire story of Noah and the Ark Up-Close and in 3D animation - thanks to this exciting cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology.

The completed puzzle image shows the animals entering the Ark. You can then start a sightseeing view and become part of the story! Discover Noah and the Ark, find out how big the Ark really was, learn how Noah built such a huge boat, help Noah get all the animals into the boat.

Experience the challenge against the rising waters & feeding all the animals. Join Noah for forty days and forty nights as the mighty waters rose and covered the earth - and carried the Ark. Celebrate with Noah, his family and all the animals under the rainbow. Noah is the first of a series of futuristic educational tools - it makes an excellent gift - it is brand new - it is educational and fun all at the same time. Order a few - they make great presents.

Puzzle can be framed - it makes a wonderful wall decor for classroom and home.

Puzzle Size: 18.8" x 26.7"/ 48 x 68 cm

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